Wood burning-effect stoves are the latest must-have in home decoration. Powerful, efficient and amazingly versatile heat. With the next generation of electric stoves you too can create a realistic focal point that works equally in urban city living as it is in rural country abodes.

The eko 1150 electric stove looks and feels like a real modern wood burner but doesn't havenít any of the drawbacks of a solid fuel stove. No chimney or flue is required, no storage is required for the logs and an electric stove does not require cleaning after use. The simplicity of electric at your finger tips and controllability of heat provides a system that is far superior to operate and cleaner to maintain

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  • Specifications

      Fire TypeLED Electric Stove
      Chimney/Flue RequirementsN/A
      Control TypeManual Switch - Remote
      Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross1.5kW / 0.75kW
      Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross1.5kW / 0.75kW
      Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)*23.64p / 11.82p
      Outline Dimensions**W477 x H710 x D352 (mm)
      Air Vent RequiredN/A
      SafetyThermal Trip Switch
      * Price based on 15.6p/kWh. Electricity prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

      ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.
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